chevy trucks duallies parts whole or not, frames chassies, axles. susp (LINCOLN IL)

hello I am looking for any 1960s to 1980s/1991-older square body style, older open C-channel frame rail style dually truck parts pieces, frames, rear axles, stock 56" length rear leaf packs,
front suspension crossmembers with the 2wd brake assemblies preferably complete, from any dually disc brake C30 trucks 1971-87/91 years old style. also including motor homes and big dually vans, and small school dually G30 busses. and dually box trucks, and more... 4 speed manual trans related parts i am also looking for, 1960s-1980s. NP435, SM420, SM465, etc chevies. driveshafts, steering columns. clutch brake pedals parts, clutch linkage parts pieces, 4 speed 2wd driveshafts at least the front half of them from 1 tons and duallies and larger trucks with the larger U joints 1330 or 1350 or 1410 U joints.
im not looking for any 4x4 parts or any 1/2 ton parts. i mostly am just into the 8 lug trucks and duallies and larger. although there are some exceptions such as 4x4 or extra long wheel base length frames or custom trucks such as airport and forestry custmomized trucks,

and 11" or 12" truck V-8 flywheels and pressure plates for 1985-older motors. dually axles, front disc brakes suspensions crossmembers units, 16" stock factory plain steel painted dually budd style rims, 8 bolt,. and more...
text only anytime located in Lincoln, central IL. show contact info with what you may have and what kinda deal or $$ or maybe parts trading or partial trading or?
i also have other parts that are not these and that i cant use for my C30 dually truck build 1967-68 style.
i have alot of random and misc parts and peices etc from 1960s to 1990s parts trucks ive parted scrapped over the decades... stashed around here. anyone looking for anything maybe?
i only like and keep mainly '67-72 style parts and any 4 speed related parts and any dually related parts. and anything i like and need for my 75 C20 truck too. which i am looking to swap convert from the original TH350 trans to a 465 4 speed trans,. i need parts to do this... anyone? 1973-83 years manual clutch style parts.
'84-up went to the hydraulic clutches that i dont want. and the columns changed in '84 too. so i need '83 older.

im also looking for 1967-68 parking brake pull handle assembly and front main park brake cable(in and under the cab)
also a stock choke cable and knob, and an instr panel and bezel all for only the 1967 68 years.
no other years. pics of these what im looking for exactly are in the pics in this posting. for my 1967/68 style C30 dually build project. 1969-72 style is all different wrong..
i have these style years parts around here from several '69 and '72 years trucks that i parted stripped here, and I cant use them. im also looking for a heater control panel for without a/c, for at least parts i can use to help rebuild repair the panel i have for my project.
one lever is broken so i at least need another one of those.
i am also looking for pickup/burb/cab front main/door shells for '67-71 only. and not '72 ones(large plastic '72 door panels i dont want).
door shells can be rust up underneath the bottoms as long as they are repairable and are not rusted through bad on the outside/visible. the doors can be off a big grain truck i can weld on front lower corners, thats fine. aso looking for a bare cab shell to repair and use.
needs to be from a C30 pickup/dually if possible. and no title or vin plate is fine i have my own 1968 one., im just building a daily working truck, not a show truck at all,.
and i have one extra '67 or '68 fender i can use as trading material towards/for any parts i am looking for that anyone may have.
if they are maybe looking for a '67 or 68 style fender? i forget which side fender i have here that is the extra one i wont be needing for myu build, i have to look again and see and take pics.
the GMC trucks all six of these years used this same style shape fender. this is the single front lip style fenders for all of the steel chevy and gmc grilles only. im also looking for a stock painted steel front bumper and all the mounting frame brackets/braces. either a '67-70 chevy one or a gmc one any year 67-72.
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