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heres just a few of the kind of parts i have around and available for sale or trade right now. from various trucks ive parted stripped etc.. im building a 67 68 style C30 dually truck and am in need of some parts that i would trade any i cant use for. from 69 and 72 trucks and 70s trucks and 80s and early 90s trucks. some recently and othes tyears ago. some parts/pieces or ealy should probly keep and use for my build maybe, but i figure maybe can trade for parts i need/can use, even more, out there. never know. i dont HAVE to sell trade any of this, but i also dont want to or like to waste any good parts pieces at all ever i am a kind of a pack-rat of good or interesting parts stuff for these old chevy trucks and parts., and have been for a long long time. decades now,.

-a leaf packs pair from a heavy 1 ton 14K GVRW they are 56" eye to eye with shackles and are 3" width and are super damned heavy and great condition. trade for a leaf pack 2-1/2" wide 56" eye to eye for my '75 C20 pickup, as i have a broken main i need to replace on this truck, it is my daily driver work truck.

-250ci chevy engine related parts pieces, about anything is available including both manifolds and good carb and pullies brackets pieces and cyl head and complete good bottom end from running driving original lower miles 69 C10. sell trade parts or complete or whichever for right price or offer trade.

- whole dash metal from a 72 pickup with no a/c nice. cut removed across/at the dash pad mounting stud slots, have ashtray assembly and glovebox door and some other parts pieces too related., 67-72

-stock original dust shield tins set for the old cast iron manual trans bellhousings, large style lower half pan and flat shield across front of opening there for starter etc. for 10 and 11" and possibly 12" clutches too.

- a three speed manual steering column complete good 67-up , trade for a 4 speed column?

-a parking brake pedal assembly and main front cable for 69-72, trade for 67 68 pull handle style and cable?

-pair of stock 1960s real wide steel one piece rims 8 bolt 16.5" farm truck with three tabs for mounting hub caps. wheels in nice condition, tires hold air.. the brass valve stems i removed because needed them for a set of stock 16" narrow rims i have on truck now,.

-good extra large towing mirrors, stainless steel steel three-arm 1970s style camper/tow trucks style ones. driv side one is missing the curved armn for mirror head to attach to the arms. otherwise mostly complete.

-window switch assembly for 4 door trucks 1977-87 old style years. nice. not a new cheapo chinese one.

-maNual trans truck bellhousing for 4 and 5 speed 1980s 90s years hydraulic and manual clutch both, with fork, stamped steel one, nice, no shields covers for it, may trade for '83-older, or for a '72-older iron bellhousing for trucks manul clutch only.

-two instr panel clocks. chevy trucks 70s 80s years, working order.

-set of really clean nice original metal GMC wheel caps 5 bolt with mounting screws. 1976 to 1986/91 years full size trucks and vans large 5" bolt pattern.

-maroon dash and parts related from a 91 big van. nice. seats belts parts stuff too., some can be used in burbs pickups etc too.,

-good starter and a harmonic dampner and other nice 350 engine parts etc from a 91. trade for 1960s 70s SBC parts pieces for my build, ram horn exh manifolds? brackets and parts pieces? a stock 1980-89 years factory aluminum 305 firebird caprice camaro etc Q jet intake manifold? motor mount parts and inside frame rail bracket for where engine mounts brakcets are? for 72 older 2wd?

-1973-up large style Harrison/GM A/C R12 compressor and mounting brackets for 350 motors. good complete nice everything. lines hoses, accumulator, evap core, and more too.

-YORK style a/c compressor. nice, great for use as an onboard air compressor to fil a tube bumper etc as an air tank source, or for filling air bag suspensions etc.,

-about three stock steel rally wheels 15x6 steel gray painted original nice. trade for stock steel 8 bolt 16x7" narrow normal truck wheels for my '75 C20?

-hydroboost power brake unit from a 1970s 1 ton truck it is nice complete good

trade any for alot of diff parts including:

-'67 68 style parking brake pull handle assty and cable too. under column style, and i also need the mounting brackets pieces too.

-a 4-speed column itself, and any related parts pieces.

-4 speed 2wd driveshaft/driveline parts pieces, for stock 3/4 ton and 1 ton and up trucks with the larger sized U joints only? extension length for middle area of driveline arouind 24" or so, for longer extended wheel base length 157" or 164.5" etc 1960s or 1970s?

-a brake pedal unit mounting metal undr dash and column, dont have to have the actual pedals i already have pedals, i just need the right mounting metal the one i got from a big grain truck '69 for my '67/'68 style C30 build wont work i found out,

-an instr panel and bezel for '67/68 with choke on right side only. and cable too.

- a 2wd C30 front suspension cradle crossmember assy for disc brakes 1971/'72 or '73-87 style. more complete with the large X member the better, abour 12 bo'ts to frame rails and it removes off frame rails easy as one big unit. for my '67/'68 C30 dually truck build., as it is a '65 C30 drum brake chassis.

lots more parts i have available for sale trade and lots more parts i am looking for especially '67 68 style for my build...

this was just a little listing and a few pics of what kind of parts pieces i have around here. theres much much more....
whats anyone maybe looking for?

trades? im always on the lookout for later 1960's/70's chev truck parts pieces stuff.. for my '75 C20 truck DD or my project build '67/'68 C30 dually..

text only anytime no calls 737 0942 in the 217 located in Lincoln. central IL

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