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Sep 10 The democrats are corrupt and intellectually bankrupt.

Aug 30 Sangamon county sheriffs candidates (sangamon co)

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

Sep 15 Demo-RATS stem from the rotting fetted corpse of Karl Marx (St. Louis) pic

Sep 15 Would you buy stock in Company 17 Trillion Dollars in Debt? (St. Louis) pic

Sep 15 Who are you calling a teabagger? (St. Louis MO) pic map

Sep 15 Founding Fathers would have hated Socialism (St. Louis, MO) pic

Sep 15 Democrats are stinking Marxist rats!!! (St. Louis, MO) pic

Sep 15 Why amnesty when millions unemployed? (St. Louis MO) pic map

Sep 15 Climate Change Propaganda Explained (St. Louis MO) pic map

Sep 15 anti oppression, anti police, anti coercion (st. Charles county and Lincoln county)

Sep 15 US nearing 47 million on ...drum roll please... (FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sep 15 Another Day of LIES & Garbage from the retard who has the Mentality of (A Juvenile Deliquent) pic



Sep 15 A Jobs Plan for America map

Sep 15 The Second American Revolution map

Sep 15 Taking Bets this Motherfucer Ends up With a Bullet N hisHead T Darling (Of T gun Nuts) pic

Sep 15 re Antarctic sea ice.. pic map

Sep 15 Can you believe it? (Jose' Raisch) pic map

Sep 15 Antarctic sea ice reaching record levels! (Where is ALGO?) map

Sep 14 When 32 People can Outspend 3.7Mil People R Democarcy is N Trouble pic

Sep 14 Rupert Murdoch Calls Fox News Viewers Morons & White Trash (Nowyouknow AZ) pic map

Sep 14 This is your brain on Todays CONservatism... (G. W. Bush) pic map

Sep 14 a knee slapper

Sep 14 re: Fauxx News (We Deside Who's RIGHT) pic

Sep 14 i r a scorned republiturd (crawfird) pic map

Sep 14 Koch Brothers' Toxic Legacy Detailed In New Report (Wichita) pic map

Sep 14 folks MV has the autodumbass on again! pic

Sep 14 I think the Demo-rats pay some douche for their lousy posts (St. Louis, MO) pic

Sep 14 Time to Impeach BOEHNER!! pic map

Sep 14 i r smrt republitard (crawford)

Sep 14 Help Needed - Canvassing Neighborhoods (St Charles) pic map

Sep 14 WOW...And they STILL post? WOW, WOW, WOW! pic

Sep 14 Deport all retarded teaBags who Pollute CL With LIES and Disgusting (Garbage 24 Hrs a Day) pic

Sep 14 Campaign Enthusiasts (St Charles County) map

Sep 14 Deport all the Demo-RATS for being disciples of Karl Marx (St. Louis, MO)

Sep 13 DemocRATs are the REAL War Mongers (Arlington) pic

Sep 13 Deport ALL retarded repukes before thet Destroy T USA

Sep 13 retard has T autoflagger Going again pic

Sep 13 Elizabeth Warren Slams T Anarchist mitch mcconell pic

Sep 13 How Long will cuck todd last as Narator of Meet The Press I hope (not long at all)

Sep 13 MV must really be kicking teaBags Ass with all the disgusting post (against him Keep it up MV) pic

Sep 13 A Must See Video pic

Sep 13 BUFFOON gw bush Lies over 4000 Troops Dead because of those LIES bush (is a MURDERER) pic

Sep 13 Sept. SNOW in seven states ! where is ALGO? (Brrrrrr) map

Sep 12 Bring On The November Elections pic

Sep 12 olde English bulldog puppies (Missouri) pic

Sep 12 Guess who Said T BUFFOON gw bush Was Right pic

Sep 12 Do you have a passion for Politics?? (St Charles) pic

Sep 12 Hypocrisy Defined (R. Murdoch) pic map

Sep 11 so demwit Mike sez to republican asshole (mmm tastes just like Hersheys) map

Sep 11 Ahem, As I was saying....................... (Jerry/Rob Osborn) pic map

Sep 11 retard caught in Lies Again Milk $3.85 N 2008 under BUFFOON gw bush (WHY LIE,He's RETARDED) pic

Sep 11 Why Would republicans want to Block People From Voting pic

Sep 11 Obama's Poll rating Approx. TWICE as Hi as a republican Congress Folks (Tired of Anarchist teaBags) pic

Sep 11 Democrats = Racists (G Beck) pic

Sep 11 Are you a real man? STOP the war on women in Missouri!

Sep 11 Sealing Borders Will Make Us Safer (St. Louis, MO) pic

Sep 11 Friday Night LBBC College & Career Bible Study + FREE Dinner @ 7:45 PM (Near UMSL Campus) pic map


Sep 11 re: How can ..........time to get help LITTLE guy (Obama won the vote in Ferguson twice) map

Sep 11 How can ANYONE be this 'Notible'?? (J. Raisch) pic map

Sep 11 When the DemocRATS won... (R Reagan) pic

Sep 11 OMG I'm still posting about Bush! six years IN!! (loserville) pic map

Sep 11 Pinocchio Obama's Top 20 presidential lies

Sep 11 Detroit in RUINS! Run by Dems for last 53 years

Sep 11 John McCain Battles With Jay Carney pic

Sep 11 This Should Go Viral - Obama At His Best

Sep 11 A Stand Down Order Was Given In Benghazi Attack


Sep 11 Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

Sep 11 Awwww Poor little SM and MV getting their asses kicked

Sep 11 Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama's Words and Deeds

Sep 11 What's Happening in One of the Most Progressive Cities

Sep 11 The Liberal Playbook:

Sep 11 Poor Little Mikey always getting his ass kicked

Sep 11 Liberal Filmmaker Calls Obama a 'Huge Disappointment'

Sep 10 war against ISIS ? pic map

Sep 10 28 Posts from 'THE' Dumb BasTARD this morning.... pic map

Sep 10 Folks read all T retards post and see who got their ass Kicked pic

Sep 10 Mv was at Malone's map

Sep 10 Cry Baby Mikey just hates it when he gets his ass kicked so early (in the morning)

Sep 10 Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama's Words and Deeds

Sep 10 The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

Sep 10 The Top Seven Techniques Liberals Use to Lie About Conservatives

Sep 10 60 Hard Truths about "Liberals"

Sep 10 The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

Sep 10 Obama Was A Cocaine-Using Gay Hustler

Sep 10 how the left thinks

Sep 10 10 Differences between Conservatives And Liberals

Sep 10 Try Not to Laugh Out Loud

Sep 10 The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness



Sep 10 Liberals are 'morally and intellectually retarded'

Sep 10 Great Post from yesterday! pic

Sep 10 Retarded Liberals pic

Sep 10 Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder pic

Sep 10 50 Dumb Liberal Quotes

Sep 10 MV and SM STILL Think the Benghazi attack was over a MOVIE

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