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Abraham Lincoln (Springfield) pic [×] [undo]

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I think you have that backwards, Ill Douche pic [×] [undo]

The misunderstanding (stl > ILL.) map [×] [undo]

Obama vs The United States (stl > Saint Pooterberg) pic [×] [undo]

re: Poor Top (stl > Banks Robin) map [×] [undo]

Poor Sybil...................................................... (stl > Top) pic map [×] [undo]

Yawn @ Top the Bottom seeking attention tard (stl > The Archives) pic map [×] [undo]

How can anyone be this stupid? pic map [×] [undo]

re re Donald (stl > Top) pic map [×] [undo]

the aging & disabled do not like John Kasich map [×] [undo]

re: Donald (stl > your neighbor) map [×] [undo]

just an FYI, MV isnt a retard, because retardation is a disability (stl > MV is just an ignorant old fool) [×] [undo]

Donald Trump map [×] [undo]

Snicker, Chuckle, Giggle (stl > The Twillman Derp Twerp) pic map [×] [undo]

Bush was guilty of believing the leftist chicken little lies (stl > Hilary,Nancy&Harry lied about WMD's) map [×] [undo]

Hmmm, Maybe IT IS Bush's Fault! (Fueled by FOX News of course!) pic map [×] [undo]

"Laughing repuke pundits"...sounds like... (stl > Top) pic map [×] [undo]

re: "Qoutes" (stl > your neighbor) pic map [×] [undo]

Notable quotes the retard MV: Terrorists "Plain" attacks (stl > PTSD since Nov. 2014) pic map [×] [undo]

re only lib fools......................................... (stl > Top) pic map [×] [undo]

This is Craigslist, hell this is the "show me state" (stl > SI) pic map [×] [undo]

only lib fools consider childish insults and leftist blog threads (stl > to be a debate) pic map [×] [undo]

Do we live in a Democratic Country?? (stl > STL) [×] [undo]

Corruption is Legal in America [×] [undo]

boycott missouri football games (stl > columbia) [×] [undo]

Re; voting sickness (stl > Rio Rancho) map [×] [undo]

voting sickness in the USA. (stl > ILL.) [×] [undo]

Bernie Sanders for president (stl > ILL.) [×] [undo]

WOW!!! (stl > abandon ship) pic [×] [undo]

DOUBLE WOW!!! (stl > abandon ship) pic [×] [undo]

Friday Night Bible Study + FREE Dinner (College & Career) @ 7:45 PM (stl > Near Umsl Campus) pic map [×] [undo]

Recent Study Concludes What WE ALREADY KNEW (stl > TEAtardia) map [×] [undo]

WHO got richer under Obama? (stl > Poots Mill) pic [×] [undo]

another LIE from the retard Exposed [×] [undo]

re the best? they already have the opposite (stl > in this Republic) [×] [undo]

if the best the Demwits can come up with is Hillary or Bernie,the only (stl > dumber idea is draft Mike V) map [×] [undo]

The best that you have? (stl > senior moments) pic [×] [undo]

re: Like a moth to a flame [×] [undo]

Like a moth to a flame................................ (stl > Top) pic map [×] [undo]

re DNC wankfest............................................. (stl > Top) pic map [×] [undo]

Good to see.................................................... (stl > Top) pic map [×] [undo]

News Flash America! (stl > MV = dumb ass) pic [×] [undo]

Democrats real meaning! (stl > STL) [×] [undo]

RE: LOL! another misled CL (stl > STL) [×] [undo]

The REAL Democrats of TODAY (stl > stl) map [×] [undo]

The "theory" of Evolution (stl > STL) pic [×] [undo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay Jr. (stl > St. Louis, MO) map [×] [undo]

Vote for Hillary! (stl > wooowooo!) pic [×] [undo]

Responsible Parents Unite! (stl > Missou) [×] [undo]

Lost hat :( (chm > Champaign) [×] [undo]

Friday Night Bible Study + FREE Dinner (College & Career) @ 7:45 PM (stl > Near Umsl Campus) pic map [×] [undo]

U tell em Mikey,dey cant stop yo rite to free speech (stl > up da street) [×] [undo]

majority of rich are Gov insider's elected by the left (stl > who persuade"poor" to elect them) [×] [undo]

Re;What, Get serious you Sicko retard your tactics Dont Work pic [×] [undo]

what the hell is an MV?and who gives a shit about it? (stl > StL) [×] [undo]

Said 1St.3 Ring Circus Look 4 Yourself pic [×] [undo]

treason was when Clinton,Reed&Pelosi vetted the 2008 fraud candidate (stl > in this Republic) map [×] [undo]

1ST. repuke Debate 4 me I cant believe how concerned for T Mid Class pic [×] [undo]

dont worry they waking up and many have gone to other side,as they (stl > realize the lies and racism of the left) pic map [×] [undo]

Re;Dear,Another Post Based on LIES No Links Verifying his Post pic [×] [undo]

Dear Abby, pic [×] [undo]

all those persona's of the dementedcrat (stl > old fruit changes with th wind) [×] [undo]

True to Form Another repuke leaders is a LIAR pic [×] [undo]

Hillary Will Be are President if Everyone Votes pic [×] [undo]

Veteran's Day commemoration Sunday + FREE Lunch Nov 8th (stl > Wildwood MO) map [×] [undo]

Democrats invented the filibuster rule to deny civil rights (stl > they used it for 100 years) map [×] [undo]

as well it needed to be blocked,because nothing would be solved (stl > inflation would explode) [×] [undo]

Minimum Wage retard Forgets Bitch mcconell FILIBUSTERED It pic [×] [undo]

phony baloney libs could have raised min wage any time B4 2010 (stl > why such a fuss now?) pic [×] [undo]

After All T Lies a Very Popular Program thats succeeding pic [×] [undo]

The Real Communist (stl > SI) pic map [×] [undo]

This is Part of the repuke republican Agenda pic [×] [undo]

paul ryan more of the Same He's a Hypocrite and LIAR pic [×] [undo]

Friday Night Bible Study + FREE Dinner (College & Career) @ 7:45 PM (stl > Near Umsl Campus) pic map [×] [undo]

EXTRA EXTRA ben carson going with RAP Music Radio Adds pic [×] [undo]

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf... (stl > Pootsville) pic [×] [undo]

blamegamers "war on America"ramps up playground bully tactics (stl > in this Republic) map [×] [undo]

I said last week this asshole is a JO. pic [×] [undo]

Hard to Believe but this is Fact pic [×] [undo]

Hundreds more Killary emails deemed classified... (stl > Pootburg) pic [×] [undo]

Trivia Night Fundraiser for Ron Arnhart for Sheriff (stl > Hillsboro) map [×] [undo]

Who has Brought Fiscal Responibility back to the Country pic [×] [undo]

Im going to be your New PRESIDENT!! (stl > USA) pic [×] [undo]

trump is a Chump pic [×] [undo]

Please dont Dump lance priebus the Little Weasel pic [×] [undo]

2 T R/R Board CryBaby on Health Care Cost 2000s pic [×] [undo]

Shakey Ground what the Fuc you Snorting Already Today pic [×] [undo]

is so comforting to feel the progressives fear of the TEA (stl > in this Republic) map [×] [undo]

I Said the repuke Primary is a 3 Ring Circus pic [×] [undo]

Religious Leaders State Paul Ryan is a HYPOCRITE pic [×] [undo]

Notice how Non Political Post Pop Up When T retard Loses the Debate pic [×] [undo]

Friday Night Bible Study + FREE Dinner (College & Career) @ 7:45 PM (stl > Near Umsl Campus) pic map [×] [undo]

repuke CRIES about Obama's veto's Heres a list look&Shut UP pic [×] [undo]

RE: Destroy the GOP (stl > STL) [×] [undo]

Bellefontaine Buffoon:" how to win friends and influence people" (stl > the spongebrainshittypants method) map [×] [undo]

Re;T truth, This retard has a answer but nothing 2 back it up pic [×] [undo]

the truth is the "Franken" bill needs t be debated and brought to vote (stl > not mandated by the pen and phone) pic map [×] [undo]

I bet they escorted"mental Mike"out th gate of Bellefontaine hosp. (stl > been down in moms basement since) pic [×] [undo]

Hey retard it was T repukes who stopped treatment 4 mental patients pic [×] [undo]

yeah I can believe Hillary would say something like that (stl > Kinloch) pic map [×] [undo]

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